they get it innocently

“You measure and I’ll bang…” she says. “Two hours!!” he replies. We’ll keep working on our units of measurement.

And another classic quote from this evening: “Ok, Ivory, it’s time for you to be done going potty. You have been sitting there for a long time!” She protested: “But I need to finish this book!!!”

Tonight for supper we had pesto pizza flatbreads… a recipe I kind of invented by myself a long time ago wIMG_1563hen we lived in Speer. I ended up making flatbreads from scratch tonight and loved this recipe: Quick & Easy Flatbread. It was definitely quick and easy, even for a first-timer, which it better be when you don’t decide what’s for supper until 5 p.m. (I’m trying to do better about that). After I made them I loaded them up with pesto and then cooked/shredded chicken and chopped tomatoes, peppers, and green onions… a layer of mozzarella on top and a little Italian seasoning and garlic salt. I added spinach on mine but graciously left it off of Grant’s. 🙂 The kids could barely be persuaded to eat just the bread with chicken and cheese so I was glad I had left everything else off. We ate them outside along with some fresh peaches (I had snagged some yummy seconds from Tanner’s last week), and enjoyed this beautiful, beautiful evening.



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