mums & more


This mum is all I have to show for a shopping trip the other day that involved three different nurseries (one of them twice) with kids who were tired and hungry and myself, who hadn’t planned very well. I still don’t have any boxwoods for our front landscaping, but I do have this and ant bait, which both came in extremely handy this weekend.

On to more successful projects…

A “before” and after of our back entryway… I’m so bad at remembering to take before pictures, so this one is actually only “semi-before”… I had already taken off the existing hooks. The boards were the same color as the wall and had been painted over several times… anyway. A little paint and some reclaimed wood cleaned this area up significantly, and now I can walk in my back door without being irritated about the gross walls and trim. 🙂 I’m sure this area will still look great this winter when it’s lined with layers of heavy coats…

I also worked on these this past week. Inspiration here.


And, for supper tonight we’re having Cheeseburger Wraps… an easy, yummy favorite around here since Mexico… probably because tortillas were much more accessible than buns and we just kind of got used to that. I’ll probably grill some peppers and zucchini to go with it. And slice up some fresh peaches… again.


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