fishermen & tentmakers

A few weekends ago we spent Saturday with family, and Sunday with friends. We celebrated birthdays out in Indiana, and it was a lovely and relaxing day of fishing, swimming, sleeping, and eating. 🙂

I read this morning in Acts 18 about Paul’s occupation as a tentmaker. Because Grant is a builder, this always stands out to me. But the difference between Paul and Grant is that Grant is building homes to last. Paul, on the other hand, built tents – which, while also dwelling places, aren’t known for their wonderful foundations or their prime location Rather, it’s a purely functional place – that, interestingly, can be picked up and moved at a moment’s notice.

As we build up our house, home, and family, I have to constantly remind myself that this world is not my home. The things that seem big and important really aren’t; what ultimately matters is that hearts are inclined to Jesus.


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