demo day

We tore out our dining room floor the other night, and I got some video footage that is worth sharing. 🙂

It was one of those projects where we decided at 7 p.m. that it might be a fun family activity. Underneath those five layers of flooring, we were hoping to find something worth living on. We actually didn’t, but we’re living on it anyway until the new floor comes. Also, by about 1 a.m. it wasn’t such a fun family activity anymore, but it does feel good to have it done.

Somehow that, sewing, two fall family weekends in a row and then Blake & Kris here on the third weekend have kept us busy for the entire month of October.




One thought on “demo day

  1. Joann Zehr

    Hannah Well from the video—you did have a family project—kids were so cute, working like little beavers! I am curious—what was the final layer—linoleum? I always enjoy the pictures so much—keeps me close to the little ones. Love – Auntie


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