is there hope?

I will confess that sometimes I sit down to write after I’ve already sorted through something… conclusions drawn, things figured out. And that can give the impression that I have things together.

I don’t.

I feel a push tonight, from the Spirit I think, to write a little bit here, maybe if for no other reason than to acknowledge that I’m down and Satan would like to keep me there. As we’ve found ourselves in the middle of holiday plans and somewhat of a “Christmas break” schedule, our routine has become chaotic at best and many things have gone unattended to – leaving much space for behavior problems, potty-training regression, and me feeling a little hopeless and a lot worn out.

I have to consciously and intentionally remind myself that the only thing keeping me from looking upward and outward again is Satan, who delights in my failures and uses them to push me further away from God. And of course there’s pride, if I can’t acknowledge that there’s a few things I could have done differently to avoid the current problems in the first place.

BUT there is hope, and all is not lost. Hopefully I’ll be back in a few days after I’ve sorted through things, if for no other reason than to say that God is faithful.



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