sidewalk chalk

img_1051As I was packing our bags last week, I grabbed this little bucket of sidewalk chalk on a whim. You can see… it only cost a $1, last summer sometime in the Target dollar bins I think.

That bucket is now nearly empty, and this picture is the best I can do to tell the story of how God has gone before us and orchestrated this week, a time to come alongside our brothers and sisters here in Ixtlan… to remind them that they are loved, and that there is a God who cares deeply about each of them and their individual stories, hurts, challenges, and joys.

I’ve come this week feeling very weak, very unworthy, and very incapable of being a source of encouragement to anyone. It’s been so humbling to watch how God did not need me to be strong, or worthy, or capable – rather, He just needed me to be available and He has done all the work. When I threw that bucket of colorful chalk into the bag, I had no idea that He would use it to help my children build cross-cultural, cross-language friendships. So many forms of play require communication, but this one does not – and He knew that.

He has also lead us through countless conversations and plans and helped me to see that all I need to be is myself, by His grace… I don’t need to try to do more than I can, or give advice I don’t have, or solve problems I don’t understand. I just need to kneel down beside my brothers and sisters and maybe not say anything… just share chalk and be together.


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