book review: crossing the waters

Authcrossing-the-watersor Leslie Leyland Fields and her family run a commercial fishing operation in Alaska, and this book, which I would describe as part memoir, part “christian living”, is about those experiences.

I felt a kindred spirit with her as she made connections between her daily life and God’s Words… there are so many water references in Scripture, and she brought many of them to life for me. Particularly, I found myself pondering over her words about Zebedee… he was the father of James and John, and present with them when Christ called them to follow Him. She comments about how difficult it must have been for Zebedee, as a father, to watch them go – after all, they had been raised and trained for fishing their entire lives, and their family’s livelihood depended on the skills of those men!

Sometimes the callings in our lives don’t make sense, and the “going” and “staying” is a little bit unclear. But I loved the words with which she closed that chapter: “Those fisherman left their nets to follow God. I will follow Him by staying”. (pg. 47)

This book is excellent, well-researched and very Biblically-based. It is a tough read though! It required me to be fully mentally engaged… and thoughtful about Jesus’ callings in my own life.

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale Publishers in exchange for my review. 


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