all dressed up…

There is dress-up and role playing on a daily basis around here these days…

… and its a good thing we can use our imaginations to take us places because the reality is, we’re all dressed up, but we’ve really got nowhere to go.

That’s not to say there haven’t been some fun days out in the past few weeks… Ivory had her much-anticipated Valentine’s Day party with her Sunday school class (pictured above), and we’ve done a few Sunday afternoon drives to Fairbury/Forrest for family stuff. And I got to spend the day with Luann, Michelle, and Heather last Friday shopping in Aurora, and that was most definitely a bright spot in my February.

But to be honest, there’s also been an awful lot of staying home here lately. And that has been good. We’ve found more than enough to work on, and some great reading material, had a few visitors pop in, and, this week in particular, nearly drained the bottle of children’s Tylenol. 🙂

I turned the calendar and March is going to be a good month. 🙂


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