throw the towel in

Don’t it feel like the wind is always howl’n?
Don’t it seem like there’s never any light!
Once a day, don’t you wanna throw the towel in?
It’s easier than puttin’ up a fight.
-“It’s a Hard-Knock Life”, from Annie

One of my fun garage sale finds last weekend was a kids’ CD of Broadway musical songs… so fun to listen to and so different than stuff we already have! “It’s a Hard Knock Life” from Annie is one of the songs on there and I was singing part of it tonight after supper. When I got to the part about throwing the towel in, Ivory piped up with “no, it’s some days don’t you want to go to a palace!” I replayed it in my head and realized how easy it would have been for her to come up with that instead of the actual words, and then thought about how much lovelier her thought process was! I was ready to throw the towel in by 6 p.m. – but she was palace-minded! Well. I could learn a few things from her. We really don’t have it too bad, now, do we? 🙂

We have had so many beautiful things going on in life that I shouldn’t be complaining. It’s just that any parent knows the aftermath of fun and exciting events is days of re-training. One of my goals between now and vacation is to knock out our interrupting habit entirely. But that’s another story for another day.


In between the big events (which I’ll document in the upcoming blog posts) we’ve spent an enormous amount of time on our front porch, of all places! Daddy is amazing, and the addition of these two little rope-and-barnwood swings extended our house in incredible ways. They go out there before breakfast, after breakfast, before snack, after snack – you get the idea. They spend so much time in an area of our yard that literally never saw footprints before. It’s always so exciting to be able to maximize your space that way. 🙂 So I’m grateful, that on days when I want to throw the towel in – I can actually just send them out to the front porch. 🙂



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