outer banks, NC

Our family vacation was spent in Frisco, North Carolina this summer and it was amazing. We spent a lot of days digging in the sand, riding the waves, visiting lighthouses, remembering the Wright Brothers, celebrating birthdays, playing mini golf, eating ice cream, riding the Ocracoke Island ferry, paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking, playing pool, watching fireworks over the ocean, cooking and eating, and just being. It was so nice to be within two blocks of both the sound and the ocean – so many more possibilities of things to do and so many more beautiful views.

It was a long road trip to and from… definitely over 16 hours with stops, even driving through the night. But it was do-able with lots of drivers in the family, plenty of help with the kids (I still feel like I owe my family something big), and plenty of great things to listen to. 🙂 (Of course, if you consider Wee Sing, Thomas the Train, and “Any Dream Will Do” to be “great things to listen to… there were varying opinions about that).

We have good memories and Ivory and Titus loved the ocean… they wore their life jackets almost always, because the waves were big, but they loved running in and out of them, falling down, jumping over the surf, digging into the sand, and eating all the snacks and gummy worms they wanted.

Our family has changed a lot in the past couple years and it was fun to connect all together… I’m so thankful for the people God has given us. Love you all! ❤


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