one day at a time

The past week has been a startling lesson, actually, in how quickly you can go from normal life…

… to a dead halt, and more than two weeks of nothing but waiting. I was in Peoria last Thursday evening,  August 10, when  my water broke and I was admitted to OSF – it’s kind of hard to believe that will be a week tomorrow! The little guy’s heartbeat is staying steady, and my contractions and fluid leakage are not super concerning, and the doctors say he does not seem to be under stress – we’re thankful for that. There is risk of infection, but that’s why I’m here until he reaches 34 weeks. Hopefully, on August 26th, he’ll be about 5 pounds and ready to join us! 🙂

I can choose to sit here and feel guilty (which I do sometimes) or I can choose to sit here and be thankful (which I do sometimes)… I feel the weight of not being able to fulfill my responsibilities at home, of relying extensively on Grant, on our parents, and on the many people who are feeding my family in my place. I am also thankful for this time of rest, for the relative safety of being here at OSF where there is excellent medical care, and for God’s peace that has been palpable through the entire thing. That is grace in action, and it is an answer to your (and our) many prayers.

We are blessed by each of you. Thank you so much for being here for us, for loving us, and for serving us during this time.


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