book review: whole

41KnxO40-LL._AC_US218_“Whole: Restoring What is Broken in Me, You, and the Entire World” was my read during my twelve-day stay on the antepartum floor in the hospital before our little guy was born. Truly, God used this book in enormous ways in my life… it’s always fascinating to me how He provides the right book, the right message, at the right time. This book was part of a journey of healing for me in so many ways.

The essence of “Whole” is that in order to become complete and fully restored as people, we must first be vulnerable about our brokenness – accept it, admit it, and address it. It is a book about repentance, although I’m not sure if it ever uses that word.

Incidentally, I’m reading another book right now about that same topic – brokenness. Our Father is a God of redemption, and He delights in healing and re-building the things that are falling apart.

I’d definitely recommend “Whole”.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my review. 


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